"Creamy Dreams 14" – 100 x 80 cm

Frame: white

Material: mixed media on canvas

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

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"Creamy Dreams 14" – 100 x 80 cm

Dreams are like a colorful adventure that takes us to new worlds and makes us think. They are like a colorful playground for the soul, where reality and fantasy merge. In their mysterious way, they bring us clarity and inspiration. The feeling of losing control becomes a release that gives us deep insights. In the end, they leave us with a fulfilling feeling and remind us of the power of our imagination.


Sculptural work


Sam Bergwein


Linen fabric, pigments, structural mass, varnish


Mixed media on canvas


Hand signed on the back




Here you can see a first impression of the work "Creamy Dreams 14" – 100 x 80 cm in a showroom. Move the white slider, located in the center of the image, left or right to see what atmosphere the work can create in a space. Would you like to know what your favorite work could look like in your home? Write to me using the contact form or send me an email with a picture of your wall and tell me your favorite work. I will send you the result within a few days.

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